Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strength In Numbers

They're so organised......

I've finished working with Simon Acty's group for now. After some initial general design, I was tasked with designing the one of the protagonist characters for their project. It was interesting to just be given a job to do that was specific to me, but in aid of someone else. It certainly presents a lot less to preoccupy you, and it gives one the opportunity to focus and refine the design more.

Here are some of the broader more generalised designs that I started on.

Then I was tasked with designing the character who serves as apprentice to the Hunter, and is in some ways more the protagonist that the Hunter.

The idea was to create somebody who looks physically very pathetic, in terms of bodily strength and size i.e. somebody very frail and thin, or a small, overweight child. However, the weakness is something that would be made a joke of, in as much as he would be forced to carry a monstrous amount of gear regardless, like a malnourished donkey.

It was also decided that the apprentice should be male - to fit as an appropriate relationship between him and the hunter - and in his mid to late teens, still not a fully grown man, but perhaps old enough to be sent to work for money to send to his family.

Here are the designs/development.

I'm pretty happy with the design, there are a few issues with the mechanical arm, mainly to do with rigging and animating a working model, but it is an aspect that is removable. However, I feel as though it would be a shame to lose it, as I feel it adds a little more interest to the character, and helps him to fit into the steampunk aesthetic that the group have gone for.

I still need to draw up some of the bags and other props as turnarounds, but for now I can get on with my own project.

Appalling Colour Mockup